Hi, I’m Vitor!

Yes, that’s right: Vitor. Not a typo, just no “C”. But it’s OK, you can call me Victor if you like… or Vic… or Vicky… whatever, doesn’t matter.

Anyways, what matters is you want to know more about me, cool! I’m flattered. Without getting into too much detail (we can do that over a coffee or a beer), I take photographs 24/7. Sometimes I capture them with a camera, sometimes with just my mind (although there’s not always enough free space in the latter, so I tend to rely on the former).

So if you have something you’d want to work with me on, let me know!

Or if you just want to grab that coffee or beer, well the number’s at the bottom. 😉

– V

Montreal (514) 559-0071 | info@vitormunhoz.com

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